Mynotation is a web application used to assist students in leaving and gathering constructive visual feedback on design related projects from peers and professors. I founded a Lean startup and led a team of five to build a MVP and pitched investors when I was at NYU. It was a great experience because I worked on a product from beginning to the end and I led a great team.

How did I come up with this concept?

When working as a UX designer, I introduced a tool to the company I work for as an intern, to improve the efficiency of their design critique and design prototype. The tool assists designers to deliver clear feedback to the project team by adding comments directly on the graphic deliverables. This tool made my life a lot easier and inspired me to design a tool specifically for students practicing design. Having a vision to form an online community, I designed myNotation. I was lucky to built a team of four and led them to develop a minimum viable product.



What are the target users' pain points?

Josh, an undergraduate studying visual design, has lots of assignments for his visual foundation class.The professor had them email all the work to her and she would send out feedback every two weeks. He got assignment feedback either in a design critique class or via email. During design critique class, it got a little confusing because sometimes things weren’t communicated clearly and there's no way to keep track. He hoped he could get feedback in a combination of verbal and written feedback. It would be the most clear for him that each person would write down the most important points.

What are the assumption and how to test them?

As a lean start-up, we want to test our hypotheses that myNotation can help students learn better. We have conducted user research: one to one user interview and user survey to gather early and frequent customer feedback, and make updates to the low-fidelity prototype quickly.



How to translate concepts into artifacts?



First milestone in the summer was to launch the MVP. We tested it with customers and evaluate feedback from them in order to improve our MVP.


How did i lead the team?




Justin Hendrix, Exectuive director of NYC Media Lab

Samir Ajmera, Manager of NYU DUMBO Incubator

De Angela L. Duff, Co-Director / Industry Associate Professor in Integrated Digital Media / NYU School of Engineering