Esna is health tech app which connects user's health & fitness apps + medical records giving real time wellness recommendations on their mobile device. Check out Ensa on the App store!

Being A Pixel Perfect UI Engineer

In early 2013 spring, I worked as UI engineering intern for its hybrid mobile app. I converted psd file and raw html files into pixel perfect mobile interface. We used github for version control, we developed Esna's mobile ui using PhoneGap and backbone.js. Daily flow was to use Xcode tart PhoneGap and execute git clone.I got to know "Agile git workflow". I've learned Blackbone.js structure. My typical git workflow: pull original master and then checkout branch. If I have to commit something, by creating a branch, I won't mess up the master file. Checkout master, merge branch and pull original master, push origin master. I don't want to use git cherry-pick pick particular commit into the current master, it always means something wrong with my branch.


Expereicne with events handler in javascript

As a designer, I feel confident hand coding html and css. I also worked with javascript for interactive prototyping. For example, I used to do javascript debugging and I got the right DOM and then checked function to see if the DOM was passed by the function(){ alert();….} correctly. Another tip for js debugging is to always check network if the file is loaded, and then check overwrite issues.

Web App User Experience Redesign

In early 2014, I have the opportunity to work on redesigning the Esna's web app. The exsiting web app has some usabilities issues. Collabrated with PM, our goal was to make this app more users engagement, more social.

The concept below was to visualize each recommendations. We simplied the home page layout. Reduce confusing terms and unnessary data report. Each recommendation will allow user to rate/rank, this would be either a thumbs up/down (like Facebook) or one to five star/heart (like Yelp)